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The chapel of Virgin Mary of "Palloura"


The pilgrimage at the chapel of Virgin Mary of "Palloura", or "the little chapel of Virgin Mary", as it is known by the faithful Christians, directly relates to the church of Virgin Mary Chrysoyeriotissa. According to a legend, the Church of Virgin Mary would have been built at the point where the little chapel is now built. However, while the church was being built during the day, it would collapse during the night. The faithful support that Virgin Mary herself gave an explanation for this phenomenon. She revealed to a Christian that her wish was for the church to be built elsewhere. She even gave instructions on what had to be done, that is to place her icon into a carriage with young oxen which would be set free so that they would go anywhere they wanted to. At the place where the oxen would stop, they would have to build the Church of Virgin Mary. Indeed the oxen did stop on the little hill northwest of the municipality, at the ruins of the old Monastery. So, the Church of Virgin Mary of Chrysoyeriotissa was built there". The surrounding ground of the chapel was renovated in 2001.

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