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Yeri Civil Defence

Yeri Civil Defence was established on March 22nd, 2000, having set as its objective to provide aid in the case of emergencies such as an earthquake, war, fire, flood and other natural disasters, or whenever a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus is in need of help.

The Administrative Committee of the Civil Defense is formed by:

  • Department Head: Kyrillos Stavrinou
  • Deputy Department Head: Petros Souppouris
  • Supervisors of various departments: Pavlos Takousis, Marios Iacovou
  • Deputy Supervisors: Melina Georgiou, Achilleas Kazakaios, Anna Georgiou

The Civil Defense maintains the following Departments:

  • Providence Department, the members of which are specially trained in setting and operating a camp.
  • First Aid Department, which undertakes the first aid training.
  • Fire Department
  • Communication Department

Several drills are held at the Civil Defence Station in order to prepare the personnel and members of the Defence so that they will be able to cope with emergencies. The Civil Defence cooperates with services such as the Department of Social Services, Municipalities, Communities, the Department of Public Works, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Pharmaceutical Services, Medical Services, the Fire Department and the Police.

Address: 1 Tympou Street, Yeri
Source: Yeri Civil Defence


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