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283rd Scouts Troop

The 283rd Scouts Troop of Geri was established on April 16th, 1986, having set as its goal, just like every other Scout Movement, "to contribute in the development of the youth so that they would exploit their physical, mental, social and spiritual potentials in full, meaning to provide the society with capable, useful, moral and responsible citizens".

The troop's vision is to "turn Scouting into an appealing institution for the children of the community, so that it would contribute to the edification of the youth and to help them become fulfilled persons with a creative role in the society".

Similar to every other Scouts Troop, at the 283rd Scouts Troop of Yeri there is the rangers' board and the parents' committee of the troop. The board is formed by:

  • Troop Chief: Christophoros Kaparis
  • Wolf-cups Chief: Eirini Loizidou
  • Scout Group Leader: Katerina Talantini
  • Wolf-cups Deputy Chiefs:
    • Savvia Leonidou
    • Andreas Tsiakkas
    • Anthoulla Papageorgiou
    • Christina Odysseos
    • Varvara Kapari
  • Scout Group Deputy Chiefs:
    • Chrystalla Christophorou
    • Georgia Christodoulou
    • Christos Gerou
  • Tracer Community Deputy Chiefs:
    • Katerina Evagorou
    • Myria Christophorou

The parents committee is formed by:

  • President: Myro Kotzia
  • Vice-president: Yiannakis Kazakaios
  • Secretary: Pavlina Sifouna
  • Assistant Secretary: Athina Antoniou
  • Cashier: Lampros Papalazarou
  • Assistant Cashier: Sophia Talantini
  • Assets' Manager: Andreas Iacovou
  • Member: Eleni Kapari

Source: 283rd Scouts Troop of Geri