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Community Volunteerism Council

The Community Volunteerism Council was established in 1987 and it is a non-profit-making organization whose members are all the Organized Parties of the community which have their financial obligations settled. Some of them are the Community Council, the School Inspectorate, the Clubs, the Parents' Associations, the Church Committees, the Christian Associations and the Cultural Associations. The Administrative Committee of the Community Volunteerism Council for the 2008-2010 period was formed on July 9th, 2009 during a General Assembly and is compiled by the following members:

  • Eleni Kapari (president)
  • Antonis Tziakouris (vice-president)
  • Maria Papatheodotou (secretary)
  • Constantinos Louka (secretary)
  • Petros Souppouris (cashier)
  • Agathi Pitzioli (assistant cashier)
  • Athos Chrysanthou (member)
  • Andreas Papagiannis (member)
  • Georgios Hadjisofoklis (member)
  • Eleftheria Giallourou (member)
  • Marios Kyriakou (member)
  • Minas Amerikanos (member)
  • Chrystalla Georgiou (member)
  • Chryso Argyrou (member)

The Community Volunteerism Council's primary concern has been the detection of the municipality's social needs and the provision of quality services which would satisfy those needs and which concern the provision of care and social services to the elderly – "Panayia Chrysoyeriotissa Old Peoples' Home" – and the operation of a Children's Club which offers protection and services to children during after school hours.

The Council organizes Festivals and events both for children and elderly persons, in addition to an annual religious memorial in honour of the deceased whose relatives offer donations to the Council.

What is noteworthy is that the Community Volunteerism Council has managed, with the help of the Welfare Office, the residents of the municipality and the Municipal Council, to create a Multi-powered Centre which houses the Old Peoples' Home and the Children's Club.
Source: Community Volunteerism Council