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Development of our Municipality

Yeri, although it maintained features of a rural municipality until recently, is now considered to be one of the most highly developing areas of Nicosia. The municipality's location, in combination with the developmental projects which are taking place in the wider region, prearrange a bright development course.

Some of the contributing factors for our municipality's rapid development are listed below:

  • The construction of the University Campus and of the new General Hospital within a distance of less than 4 km.
  • The creation of the National Park of Athalassa within a distance of less than 2 km.
  • The easy access to Nicosia through the road passing from the forest of Athalassa.
  • Accession of Yeri to the Water Board of Nicosia and to the Nicosia sewerage plan which is expected to be operating by the year 2012. These projects will permanently solve the water supply problem and at the same time the residents' health is ensured. 
  • Yeri is the only municipality whose town planning is covered by the Local Plan of Nicosia. This fact has allowed a more rational development, and more specifically the formation of the Town Planning Zones, the Live Stock Breeding Area as well as the expansion of the road network (connection of our municipality to Latsia and to the new Nicosia-Limassol highway).

The aforementioned are just few of the factors that have boosted our Community's development. Our main concern, as the president of the Community Council, Mr Argyrou, has mentioned, is to make sure that Yeri will be developed rationally and will become more human, societal and environmentally and aesthetically more beautiful.

"Speech of the president of the municipality during the ceremony for the assumption of duties by the newly elected Community Council on 24th January 2007", Newspaper "Akritika Nea" 16th Edition, April 2007, Yeri Community Council